Jan Jakubek


Imaging the unseen

Jan Jakubek is Chief Scientist and Co-founder , ADVACAM

Project coordinator and team leader.
Physicist, mathematician, software and hardware designer.

Imaging with ionizing radiation, study of semiconductor detection structures and their applications, radiation spectroscopy, multi-parametric spectroscopy, spectroscopy based imaging, mathematical data analysis, algorithms.

Martin Jakubek


We make your prototyping easier

Martin is Chief Executive Officer and  Co-founder SojaLab.

Hardware specialist and technology manager, author of about 18 scientific articles. Low level hardware design including software control. He also performs mechanical design and low level technology development for precision manufacturing, vacuum components, coating and bonding, etc.

Vaclav Jakubek


In the beginning God created one black dot and said, „Let there be a pixel“

A professional graphic artist and computer games veteran, working in the games industry since 2000.

Previously worked as a lead designer at Walt Disney’s mobile games studio in Prague for over eight years. 

In 2009 started working as a freelance artist, completing projects for leading studios around the world.

He is currently working for BBG Entertainment GmbH as Lead Artist and Co-Producer.