Martin Jakůbek My foto
Date of birth:4.12.1971
Martial status: Married. Two childrens.
Academic qualifications:  Graduated in Special Radiolocator systems ( 1995).
Phone numbers:
Mobile: +420 605 273 938
Home: +420 311 284 000
Work: +420 224 359 181



Instant messengers:
ICQ: 125131907
Yahoo!: martenekj

1986 - 1990

  • Grammar school.

1990 - 1995

  • Military Academy of Brno ( High frequency electronics, diploma thesis: Design and construction of steered generator for range 0.05 - 1 GHz).

2013 - up to now ADVACAM s.r.o.

Head of Development department
Technology manager

2004 - 2013 Ústav technické a experimentální fyziky


  • Detectors development Widepix 10x10, Raspix, Fitpix
  • System for characterization of charge collection efficiency in pixel detectors and 3D imaging of radiation damage of silicon sensors
  • Development of SW modules into Pixelman software package (C / C ++)
  • Hardware development (positioning devices, stepper motor control)
  • Web portal of Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ...)

2010-2011 LASNPA-Quito2011

2010-2011 NSF student workshop

2009web "Fotobank - portfolio - articles"

    Bohdan Němec
  • underwater world photos, and photos of wild-life animals
  • web application for presentation, administration and offer of photos
  • with the possibility of writing articles with photos
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, java-script, ...

2009 iWoRiD 2009

2007 Pernička Jaroslav

  • Web presentation of firm

2006 ePhoNet

  • E-shop application
  • PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ...

2001 - 2011 ProTel engineering, spol. s r.o.

  • Employee
  • development special client - server SW (C, C++, SQL)
  • development WEB aplication xPhoNet - centre of telephone networks.(PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML)
  • development WEB aplication for administration VoIP exchange PhoNet.(PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML)

1999 - 2000 CTO

  • Czech telecomunication office, State inspection of radiokomunications.
  • Assurance of the conceptual, methodical, coordiation and normative activities in the field of the nation wide effectiveness of the bodies of the state administration managment in the field of state inspection,
  • Evaluation and compilation of the supporting documents for principal documents in the field of state inspection,
  • Compilation of the drafts of rules and regulations and unified rules in the field of state inspection,
  • Co-ordination of demanding professional work within the framework of the use and occupation of the frequency band.

1998 - 1998 Cadastral office of Prague

  • Digitize cadastral maps and geometric plans.

1995 - 1997 Army of the Czech Republic

  • commander - specialist of radiolocator - altimeter PRV-17
  • system service
  • operators education


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  • programing in C/C++, SQL, PL/SQL, OLE, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML,
  • Mechanics design – SolidWorks, Inventor
  • HF electronics,
  • English and Russian languages,
  • vyhláška 50 pro pracovníky v elektrotechnice §7,
  • clean, valid driving licence (A, B, C, T).